Our Granola

Here at Amazing Grains we strive to create pure, all natural, amazing blends of Organic Superfood Granolas. We start with the highest quality ingredients: Organic Fresh & Dried Fruits, Raw Sprouted Nuts, Seeds and Gluten Free Grains and then preserve their nutrients with our low temperature drying process.  All our Raw-some Granola blends are free from Gluten, Dairy, Artificial Sweeteners, Animal Products, Added Oils & Salt. We allow nature to simply sweeten and delicately flavor each of our blends.Organic, sprouted, raw, gluten free, vegan granola sweetened only with real fruit. No added oils, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. Our granola features nutrient dense amazing grains, nuts, seeds and fruits available in six flavors offered in multiple sizes to fit your enjoyment needs.

Eat Raw. feel amazing.

Raw foods are very high in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and beneficial enzymes.  When foods are cooked at high temperature much of their nutritional values are destroyed.  By gently drying our granola, we provide you with a food source that contains optimal nutritive benefits. 

Our Amazing Ingredients