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Our mission at Amazing Grains is to provide our customers with a premium granola that is truly healthy for you.  We use only organic, sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, sourced from the finest suppliers who meet our strict standards of quality and taste. we then blend these superior ingredients with real fruit and spices, never adding oil or processed SWEETENERS, to create for you an amazing granola that is both nutritious and delicious .


Start your day the healthy way with Amazing Grains Granola.


Our Story

The concept of Amazing Grains Granola began in early 2016....

Our Granola

Amazing Grains is a Sprouted Organic Granola company committed to providing our customers with energizing foods using only the highest quality ingredients. We use 100% Organic naturally produced ingredients meticulously sourced to ensure freshness, quality and taste.  To create our Amazing granolas we use a drying process that never heats the ingredients above 115 degrees ensuring the life giving nutrients and minerals are maintained as nature intended.

Through our passion for food, health and living life to the fullest, Amazing Grains has created an exceptional granola to help you live your life Amazing!